Chloe is the current Academic Lecturer of Flute at the Australian Institute of Music and teaches dizi at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Her teaching style is influenced strongly by principles of efficient movement and the Alexander Technique.

Chloe graduated from her Bachelor of Music (Performance) with First Class Honours at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studying under the tutelage of James Kortum, Alison Mitchell and Aldo Baerton.

Chloe undertook her teacher training at the Sydney Alexander technique School from 2016, after becoming fascinated with how learning about body-mapping improved the quality of her performance. The Alexander technique is a methodology which aids people in replacing unnecessary physical or mental tension in movement activities with consciously coordinated responses. 

She received accreditation with ATI (Alexander Technique International) in 2019. 


Chloe Chung is a cross-cultural flutist, playing Western flute and dizi (Chinese bamboo flute), and collaborating with others to foster unexpected musical forms and connections throughout Sydney.

In 2015, she was awarded second place in the Australian Classical Youth Competition as well as the Young Virtuosi competition held by Fine Music 102.5. Within Sydney, she has acted as the music manager for Confucius Institute concerts in Sydney and Canberra with celebrated soloists Wu Man (pipa), Tan Wei (guzheng), and Bai Yang (erhu) in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Chloe's most recent musical collaborations in Sydney centre around her work as a creative duo with Pavle Cajic (Sidere duo) and with oboist Ennes Mehmedbasic. 

Global Community

Whether it is playing flute, dizi, or through collaborating with others working in different creative mediums, Chloe is passionate about stimulating cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary artistic connections within the local and global community.

In June 2018, she attended the flagship training program of Yoyo-Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble at the Global Musician’s Workshop (GMW), exploring culture’s power to generate more trust, understanding and empathy through music-making.Chloe was a regular presenter in Fine Music FM’s Young Virtuosi series in 2015-2016, and live hosting the Fine Music Young Virtuosi Award in 2016. This year she worked as coordinator for the “Ultrasounds”, the musician-doctors and music-therapists performing for March Arts month at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.