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1.html) and [`smax16`]( The `at` can be left out, e.g.: python keygen64bits3dsmax2018descargar1 You could also specify the algorithm: python keygen64bits3dsmax2018descargar1 --algo d_ssm The difference here is that it'll be that the precomputed values will be applied instead of the hash functions from the FIPS mode. Other parameters: --algo d_ssm --maxbits n --minbits n --pklen n --out n The first two parameters are needed only if the source file contains a large enough key, and can be omitted if you are using a previously generated key. The rest of them are the same as before. The difference with the -FIPS mode is that the hash functions will be applied on the left half (`n` and `n/2`). The maximum size of the key is the size of the hash output of the minimum key size. In the 3DES implementation you are restricted to `32,48,64,80,96,112,128,144,160,192,224,256,320` and `384` bits. The minimum size is the size of the left half, which is at least `16` bits, and is kept by the `-minbits` parameter. The key size is controlled by the `-maxbits` parameter. Since this is a modular implementation, all those extra bits are discarded, as the




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