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"Maybe it was simply because Chung commanded the stage with such grace, verve, and direction. The second piece in particular — after which Debussy’s classic Syrinx followed in perfect contrast— was a blistering, breathtaking exhibition of skill played in the uppermost register. Chung was focused and exacting; her approach always subtle and completely musical, never falling into unnecessary showmanship.

Chung’s phrasing across the four pieces was so convincing that I could hardly remember to breathe."

Mark Bosch, cutcommon magazine, Oct 2018

Current News

As we move, swaying into the new year with increased restrictions in place, I am reminded again of how challenging it is to organise the chaos of interactions that occur in one single gathering of people, let alone the beautiful chaos going on at any moment in time within one given human being. Coordinating with restrictions, and the unstoppable flow of movement is what I learnt from Alexander Technique (AT), why I love music, and what I teach.

Creating during covid-19 with the Dreambox Collective has resulted in a developing body of work that centres around selfcare, connection and love - for our world. Two such examples of lockdown-works that I have been involved in directing and performing in live on in perpetuity; including Nightlight, a poetry-musical-art creation, and Big Blue, a virtual concert in collaboration with marine conservation organisation Tangaroa Blue. There'll be more works building on these connections into 2021, so watch this space to get involved with us live in 2021! 

Finally, as part of the City of Sydney Cultural Sector Resilience grant, I am thrilled to announce a series of Alexander Technique classes I am offering from November 2020 to January 2021 for City of Sydney artists and arts workers. If you would like to participate in one of the four-week introductory courses please visit my Workshops/Classes page or get in touch! Thanks to this grant, it has also enabled me to create learning resources for musicians and arts workers at this time, which I update on my blog,  and I hope you may find useful towards serving your goals this year too!

With love,