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Work with me

Integrated Alexander technique lessons / Performance coaching

Weekly Living Room workshops (live and online)

Flute/dizi lessons (live and online)

Three month Immersive package 

Custom workshops

- To book, please email:

Private Lesson (flute/dizi/alexander technique - online or in-person)

- performance coaching personalised to your practice

- Learn about integrative Alexander Technique, body-mapping, and other tools to enable you to fulfil your artistic goals

- Easing discomfort or pain in everyday or specific activities

- Cultivating tools for self-care for yourself and your community

- sensory warm-ups for performance readiness

- learning optimal movement pathways and preventing excess tension for skilled performance

Email to book.

Living Room Workshops (Live and online)

 $40/class Saturday 7-8pm AEST (live) or 9-10am AEST Sunday (Zoom) )

6 person cap with social distancing

Email to book in.

These weekly drop-in classes are structured for beginner to advanced students to continue the application of Alexander Technique to their artistic practice, with a focus on skills for optimal performance, teaching, and learning.
Discover play, moving well and learn about integrated Alexander Technique and how it applies to your own interests/instrument/artform! In these weekly gatherings, I'll be sharing tools, resources and ideas so that you can fulfil your specific artistic goals and desires. 




3 month immersive package - 1 on 1 with Chloe

This container is created specifically for you to create transformative outcomes in a compressed time frame depending on your desired results now. The process is non-linear and may use the below topics in combination or in any order. Its immersive aspect means your goals and desires are always at the leading edge of the work, and the container is designed to support your ideal outcome.


1.  Optimal coordination: 

You will learn about how you are designed to move optimally in everyday movements and in extraordinary performance. This includes using the Alexander Technique, essential anatomy knowledge, including the main joint movements for head, spine, legs in daily movements, and may include recovery from existing/past injuries as well as prevention of future ones.

2. . Daily Practice – tailored specifically for you: 

Building on the reliable self-care tools and processes of optimal coordination to work efficiently, we will be creating the conditions for you to experience optimal acoustical and movement qualities, where you can reliably get your desired results. By using personally tailored warmups and cool downs to suit your artistic practice, you will be creating the specific and sustainable plans to move towards and fulfil your artistic dreams and goals.


 3. Peak performance coaching:  

Experience fulfilling your goals fully and with ease! Using short iteration loops, we will be celebrating and integrating each iteration as you fulfil your goals, elevate your skill set, and grow your trust in self and confidence. Working on skill-building to mastery and beyond, you will be transferring these processes to other areas beyond your area of expertise for an embodied, constantly evolving, creative practice and life.

To apply for a 3 month immersive coaching package, email 

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Customised Workshops

Individually tailored

Private, community-based, educational, or corporate

Email for details

Chloe & Deb Flute Society Workshop.jpeg

"Members of the NSW  Flute Society were treated to a thoroughly enjoyable, and educational workshop on dizi flute and Chinese music by Chloe Chung. 

The students were constantly engaged  with various activities .This culminated in them composing their own, short pieces.

Chloe performed Chinese music on her dizi flute. It was a beautiful,  musical experience.  

Recommended for flute players of all ages and stages."

Janet Webb

President NSW Flute Society

Former Principal Flute Sydney Symphony Orchestra (1985-2017)

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