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Chloe Chung is an innovative cross-cultural flautist, playing Western classical flute and dizi (Chinese bamboo flute), teaching music, and collaborating with others to foster unexpected musical forms and connections throughout Sydney. Her passion for creativity, sustainability and health education are central to her work as an active performer, teacher, and emerging creative director.

In 2019, Chloe founded the Dreambox Collective, a diverse Sydney based group of performer-composers, improvisors and visual artists, aiming to establish themselves as an exemplary cross-cultural collaborative team, playing in the intersections between music and social justice issues. The Collective comprises of 13 of her closest collaborators and friends that she has worked with in the past ten years.


A passionate educator, Chloe is currently Academic Lecturer of Flute at AIM (Australian Institute of Music), and students at the Sydney Conservatorium High School. At the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, she has been a founding member of their Chinese Music Ensemble since it’s conception in 2016, and she currently maintains her teaching position there on dizi and performs regularly with the ensemble as soloist. As an internationally accredited Alexander Technique teacher (gaining her formal accreditation in 2019) which informs her outlook on sustainable music practice, Chloe has recently been engaged for teaching specialized workshops on integrated Alexander Technique for injury recovery/ prevention and peak performance for musicians at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

(2019), Australian Institute of Music and the Sydney Alexander Technique School.

As a classically trained flautist, Chloe has built a solid foundation with a long-standing duo collaboration with her partner, pianist and composer Pavle Cajic in recitals and festivals in Sydney. Their work well explores the territory of the classical flute repertory but is not limited to this genre alone; often incorporating pieces for dizi (Chinese flute) and/or new compositions and improvisations into their recitals. Notable performances include the Eastside Music Festival (2019), Sydney Sacred Music Festival 2016/2017, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Asian Music Ensemble concerts, and the Musicology Symposium: Presence through Sound: Place and Contemporary music in and from East Asia 2016. For more information about the duo, click here. 

Chloe's Masters performance research undertaken under an Australian Postgraduate Award (2016-2018), explored deeply the performance practice of the traditional Chinese flute from a classical flute perspective, including field research in Singapore, Hangzhou and Shanghai. This research period enabled a new trajectory of musical development in her emerging career as a passionate cross-cultural performer, in which she has continued to explore since the culmination of her Masters research. In 2018, she participated in the flagship program of Yoyo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble, the Global Musicians Workshop, as well as undertook a further month-long period of personal study in Europe/UK under a BBM grant, where she attended the CHIME Chinese Music as Cross culture conference and was able to investigate pedagogical ideas in teaching sustainable music practices via Alexander technique for musicians.

Chloe’s educational qualifications include graduating with her Masters of Music in 2018 and graduated from her Bachelor of Music (Performance) with First Class Honours with the Corinna Bonshek award for highest performance marks at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studying under the tutelage of James Kortum. Her past flute teachers include Aldo Baerton, Alison Mitchell, Alexa Still, and Jocelyn Fazzone.

Her Chinese flute teachers include Qiu Dongming, Chai Changning and Zhan Yongming. Chloe completed the teacher training course at the Sydney Alexander Technique Bodyminded School from 2015- 2019, and is accredited by Alexander Technique International.

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