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“live lessons for me were more about my playing and about my piano, the movements that i was making that was inefficient, and how to coordinate better on my instrument. The online lessons have been more practical, in a way, for me. I can talk and explore other concepts not just instrumental playing and i've been able to apply them better to my everyday life and experience. These online lessons, especially the group ones, have been a chance to check-in on how their doing in this particular moment of the pandemic. It's been an opportunity to apply Alexander Technique to the current situation,. I feel like online lessons provide an opportunity for my thoughts to be put in order, and unlocking things with a key, sorting them out after each AT lesson, a new way that I want to experiment with something, a new perspective on what i've been thinking about or doing.”


-K.G, 2020

Introductory Workshops (Zoom)

"Learning Alexander Technique with Chloe has been encouraging, rewarding and beautiful. This methodology of teaching not only gives a useful and effective set of tools to approach performance, but also life. I have had brief encounter's with Alexander Technique in the context of acting training, and all my classes with Chloe have been via online Zoom sessions, and yet the benefits I have gained from these online sessions cannot be underestimated. These lessons have given me awareness of how my body interacts in space, with different instruments and with my voice in ways that could help prevent future injuries caused by a lack of awareness. Rather than leaving our attitude during a performance to fate, I am confident that if I practice techniques learned in this course, I can confidently approach each performance with a mindset of authenticity. Alexander Technique provides the awareness of how to be, how to do in a way that can be neglected by performers to their detriment. The benefits of this kind of training is not only a proactive approach to a sustainable performance career, but can be felt when working at a computer, engaging with people in an online conference call. Much of what I have learned in this course is difficult to describe in words, as has initiated a process of learning that I am still undergoing. However, the ablitiy to take feedback in a structured way is a valuable lesson, simply to ask - "Is it serving me right now, or not serving my goals in this moment?" - this gives us the power to evaluate and decide if we want to take it on, or discard it and not allow it to affect us. "To create the conditions for you to thrive and succeed in your artistic goals" - Chloe certainly provides a space for participants in her classes to thrive and progress toward our artistic goals. Thank you Chloe!!"


In the four-week Zoom workshop I learnt how to use AT to see past my injuries to use my body the most efficiently while being as pain-free as possible.”


- JP, 2020


“I relearned how to co-ordinate my body, where the top joint for the head-spine, and how to learn to experiment to purposefully move my body in the optimal way:


- BH, 2020


“Very self driven and all about self care. Direct yourself in ways that works for you. Using your head to move first body follows”

  • SK, 2020

"It was very interesting looking at how intention and movement are linked! I had a great time, Chloe is extremely well spoken and articulate!"


- MW, 2020

“As someone who had no clue what AT was before this workshop, I feel that I learnt a lot about what the Alexander Technique is as a whole, as well as how it can be applied to music, performance, teaching, and everyday situations.”

- AN, 2020


"When a student cried during one of the online Zoom sessions, I know that I am in the right place, the trust and the openness moved me! I haven’t met any musicians in life without scars or problems with their musical pathways, Alexander Technique certainly helped me to understand how we can be kind and gentle to ourselves and others not just our body but also our mind in a constructive way."

- LL

Long Range Group Classes (4week-10 weeks)



Chloe provides a safe and respectful learning environment where discovery of the technique's benefit's become understood in the body and felt with the heart


Chloe’s endless creativity and obvious enjoyment of teaching created a wonderful environment in her series of Alexander Technique workshops at the Con. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the technique and its versatility of application in not just my musical practice, but also everyday life!



My final performance went so well thanks to Chloe's guidance! She really helped me in managing my physical and mental stress!



Chloe is very helpful. She was actively looking for opportunities to help her students to understand the AT and it’s application

- I.L

Chloe is one of the kindest and most giving musicians, teachers, and performers I've ever met. She plays with her entire soul. She inspires you to dig deeper into your own curiosities. And as a teacher she helps you find your strength. It is because of her that I truly learnt how to 'play' with my instrument. I highly recommend Chloe and her exceptional musical skills in all areas of this art form.
- JJ

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