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Alexander Technique Resources

  • For classes in Sydney, visit Sydney Alexander Technique School:

  • Alexander Technique Science: “This site is for Alexander Technique teachers and students who would like to better understand the work from a scientific perspective; scientists, medical professionals and other somatic or rehabilitation practitioners who are interested in the research basis for AT; and anyone who would like to explore scientific research on mind, movement, and posture”.

Dizi resources

Western flute and Chinese dizi

With Professor Zhan Yongming, Shanghai Conservatory, 2016

Masters thesis at Sydney Conservatorium of Music:
Intercultural Musicking: A study of the dizi from a Western flute perspective

"This Masters dissertation is an auto-ethnographic study which details and reflects upon my personal journey of learning to perform the solo dizi 笛子 (Chinese bamboo flute) tradition from various teachers and performers of the dizi tradition over the past three years, and how I have integrated this knowledge to contribute to my developing performance practice as a Western and Chinese flute specialist. By sharing my personal learning experiences living inside and outside of China, I show how these experiences have enriched my overall performance practice, and ultimately transformed it into an intercultural one."


Women of Noise: in conversation with Chloe Chung from the Dreambox collective - Interviewed by Phoebe Bognár


" music practice since when I was young has completely been the vehicle in which I have been able to understand, learn, navigate, and make sense of so many other things like people and culture."


"...I feel very grateful that I have been able to deepen all the lines of inquiry that I’ve been curious about, including cultural inquiry, my interest in whole-person health (physical, mental, emotional, social health) and more recently, my interest in whole-planet health."


Interviewer: Phoebe Bognár

Interviewer: Sylvie Woods

On Big Blue, Dreambox Collective: The Music, with Sylvie - Interviewed by Sylvie Woods

"Last year I performed a private house concert with Pavle Cajic (my partner) where we really started to play with the interactive elements of audience participation and playing with what would eventually become a prototype for this ‘big blue’ program. This included live improvisation, sharing some pictures, stories and poems..."

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