I started this blog with an intention to capture some of the wonderful conversations with musicians and creatives and educators that I feel privileged to have worked with, and learned from.

"In Conversation" especially celebrates the work of intercultural musicians fostering global change through music. It also explores aspects of health for musicians via interviews with various specialists, offering  practical advice for all musicians.

April 13, 2020

Chatting to Amy, whether in real life or on the phone never ceases to provide an endless stream of laughter, tears and ideas. Amy and I met as two of the Australian musician guests at the Sichuan Symphony Orchestra in January 2019. We bonded then as she was my fabulous...

October 24, 2019

I first witnessed Deb's work at a workshop she held on performance anxiety at the Australian Flute Festival last July and was firstly so moved by her presence and strength as a speaker, and secondly the content: the rigour of research behind her presentation which brou...

October 17, 2019

Last month, I was part of co-organising a 100-musician strong team from staff, students, and alumni the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to attend the Global Climate Strike on the 20th of September.  It was such a wonderful day and stands out in my memory as one of the h...

August 3, 2019

For most of the last decade I have taught composition, music theory, taken research and analysis classes and composer-performer workshop classes at the Sydney Conservatorium part-time along with other work (bookshops, warehouse inventory control) in parallel, whilst tr...

June 16, 2019

A soul-searching Sunday morning with rain aplenty. This week I chatted with Deepka Ratra, a dear friend and wonderful artist - as we recently worked together recording a song by Peter Macnamara for the upcoming  album release of  Sideband, in a cool trio...

May 12, 2019

Bumping into Oscar an unusual amount of times at gigs I had been doing led me to be curious about what his work involved. Over the past year I heard him sing as a soloist and as part of choirs, heard his compositions and performances with the Gamelan Ensemble in the As...

March 30, 2019

My hometown Kazan, a beautiful city, located on Volga River is more than a thousand years old and rich in history and folk tales. Music is an important part of lives of Tatar people, it reflects their customs, history and national identity.

March 16, 2019

As an undergraduate music student, I was immediately attracted by the constructive nature of Alexander Technique - it gave me a process to help me learn about myself in a way that was clear and practical, rather than the advice offered to me from chiropracters and phys...

March 2, 2019

I'm grateful to be in touch with musicians from the Silk Road Global Music Workshop network, and am constantly inspired by the work from this group. Ceren is a violinist based in Boston who focuses on western classical and Turkish traditional music. In this interview s...

December 22, 2018

I met Cynthia Talone, or "Mrs T", as a 12 year old at the Conservatorium High School. As a teacher, she was our dynamic, engaging and compassionate PDHPE teacher. She introduced us to meditation, yoga, and various mindfullness practices - constant movement activities p...

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