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Silver linings and July offerings

I don't know about you, but I've been going through a rollercoaster of emotions recently- from disappointment, grief, relief, excitement, curiosity, gratitude and back again since going into Sydney lockdown 2.0 - especially after a covid-safe house concert Pavle and I had been preparing for months got cancelled a few days before, swallowing our live music dreams into the bulging pocket of "postponed events we were looking forward to".

As a freelancer who sees and works through a lens of holistic health, integrated movement and highly skilled excitation, I am using all the tools I have to get deeper into my practice this lockdown. This week, I've been enjoying e-collaborating with Dreambox Collective for our upcoming August concert (fingers crossed), working with Pavle on our duo album, and learning a kunqu opera piece on dizi. I'm also re-discovering the silver lining of teaching online too; it's far quicker for me to get from Zoom to room, and I'm getting far more time for self-care, especially appreciating my daily walks! My Alexander Technique/Music studio currently has been running hybrid (online and f2f) catering to both local, interstate and international students, offering me new windows of opportunity to connect with more wonderful musicians and music students, a reality I had never imagined possible before - and one I'm really grateful for - having a vibrant student community that inspire me on a daily basis as well. Acknowledging that these are among the positive things I am highlighting (other parts that I am devastated about may be saved for a future post) I understand that many of my peers are in considerably darker waters with how lockdown has affected them differently. Wherever you are now, I hope you’re getting to move through your feelings and let them run their course in your own way this lockdown... see how they/you/we are all transformed on the other side.

Some offerings from me for this month of July ahead for both Sydneysiders and beyond:

  • "In conversation" Zoom meeting with Shian Li Goh next week, exploring intersections between Alexander Technique and her chiropractic practice from 1200-1240 Saturday. Shianli is a Malaysia-based AT teacher, chiropractor, and voice-dance-yoga enthusiast who set up her business Sage Chiropractic in 2019... and as you might know, Malaysia's been in lockdown a whole lot more than we have! I can't wait to catch up with her and find out what she's been up to - This is free to attend by booking only. The interview will be also posted as a blog later

  • Free fifteen minute warm-up group sessions from Monday to Friday 10-10.15am during Sydney lockdown 2.0 for musicians and any current AT students of mine. I am running this is as a pre-instrumental warm-up so you will only need to bring yourself to the zoom room, and a place where you are safe to move around freely at home. It's my hope that you'll go on to do your own instrumental practice afterwards :-)

  • My Zoom group Alexander Technique classes are resuming online on Thursday afternoons 1700-1815. These are usually AUD$50/class but because of lockdown a pay-as-you-can-afford rate applies at the moment

Feel free to email me at to book in or any questions.

That's it for now! I hope you’re also finding unexpected silver linings from being at home again , or getting to do things that nourish you that you didn’t have time for before. And if you’re looking for some interesting musical ideas to play with, movement inspiration, or needing a helping hand, you know where I am🧚🏼‍♀️


Charlie, my lockdown practice buddy


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