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A SHOWER OF SUNBEAMS (world premiere, dedicated to Chloe Chung)

I wanted to capture some of the natural beauty of Sydney’s Shelly Beach, 

where I spent some beautiful days snorkelling in near-solitude 

during the COVID lockdowns (when beaches were reopened!) with Chloe. 

On clear days, one is mesmerised by the sunlight’s dance on the ripples 

of the sea, and it is easy to catch sight of the lively activities of fish in the reefs – 

fish of all shapes and sizes, gliding through the water in solitude, or zipping about 

in schools that behave like one big organism.

-Words by Pavle Cajic, pianist & composer

Videographer: Jeffrey Cheah, Recording: Jolin Jiang
Premiered August 30 for Dreambox Collective's "Big Blue" in support of marine conservation organisation Tangaroa Blue

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Performance Space: Project
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