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Hi! I’m Chloe, multi-style flautist, educator and Artistic Director 
creating on Gadigal land, Sydney. 


As a classically trained flautist in Western flute and dizi (Chinese Traditional flute), I love to perform in many contexts, both on my own (should I insert a diva joke here? :-) and with other artists and creatives.

"Maybe it was simply because Chung commanded the stage with such grace, verve, and direction. The second piece in particular — after which Debussy’s classic Syrinx followed in perfect contrast— was a blistering, breathtaking exhibition of skill played in the uppermost register. Chung was focused and exacting; her approach always subtle and completely musical, never falling into unnecessary showmanship.

Chung’s phrasing across the four pieces was so convincing that I could hardly remember to breathe."

Mark Bosch, cutcommon magazine, Oct 2018


As a lifelong lover of learning (and alumnus of classical music performance at the Conservatorium High School and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, as well as student of dizi masters in Sydney, Melbourne, China, and Singapore) I’m passionate about the power education has to shape and transform our collective futures. Now, I get the chance to teach, too! I regularly teach dizi at the Sydney Conservatorium Chinese Music Ensemble and woodwind/brass masterclasses at AIM. I also help musicians, artists, and passionate creatives do their work with pleasure and ease via integrative Alexander Technique workshops. I do this both on location and in my home studio, born from my successful lockdown “Living Room” workshops.

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In a world that values conformity far too much, I like to make things that complicate that narrative. I am set alight by collaborative opportunities to create new music and artistic forms that enables a future where our full selves and expressions are welcome; and where the richness of our diversity and complexity of life experiences are celebrated. In my work at Dreambox Collective, of which I am the founder, Artistic Director and one of the performers; we write, play, jam, collaborate, improvise and produce works and facilitate performances to create meaningful connections for positive social impact.




During childhood I moved frequently between schools and countries. Moving from Malaysia to Singapore to Australia left a vivid imprint of life as a messy moving event which required navigating culture-change across various communities. From a young age, I felt like playing music was a superpower; a great connecting force that could express my sea of emotions that barely seemed capturable by words; allowing me to connect with ancestors from the past; drawing them to the present; creating new music for the future we long for. From my very first band tour in year 4, I became “hooked” on the adventures that music could bring people on, both locationally and imaginatively. In the past 15 years I’ve played and performed on stages, in orchestras, living rooms, in gardens, dances, festivals, moving art works and events across Australia and abroad for the past 15 years, with a whole host of teachers, colleagues, collaborators and friends, who’ve all helped shape the artist I am today.


My journey developed further in 2015, when a niggling shoulder pain (exacerbated by repetitive strain in my flute practice) led me to discover the Alexander Technique.  I was so impressed by the process of my recovery and results, that I subsequently trained part-time to become a practitioner of it too.  My passion for sharing these somatic tools for others so that they may also heal from past stress, trauma, and fulfil their performance goals with ease and pleasure is a lifelong commitment. 


To this day, I am a self-employed freelancer, working on my own projects with Dreambox Collective and others; teaching,learning and working with my communities towards a future of embodied collective liberation. On my best average day, I can be found practising my instrument, collaborating with others on creative projects and teaching in my living room by night. Outside of work, I enjoy snuggling with my cat, Hajdi, tea drinking, reading, and going to concerts and shows with friends!

For performance bookings, or to see my upcoming performances;  email 


For more about teaching enquiries, visit my “ Workshops” page

To view my short/long biography for engagements, concerts and events, click here.



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