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Live and online lessons (flute, dizi)

Integrated Alexander technique for artists and art-workers

Zoom lessons



- To book, please email:


An idea that moves you

Lesson Rates

Private Lesson (flute/dizi/alexander technique - online or in-person)

To enquire about private lessons and join Chloe's studio, please email

Group lessons (Live)

$50/class (1.25 hrs on Thursday evenings, Inner West studio)

6 person cap with social distancing

These weekly drop-in classes are structured for beginner to advanced students to continue the application of Alexander Technique to their artistic practice, with a focus on skills for optimal performance, teaching, and learning.




Customised Workshops

Individually tailored

Private, community-based, educational, or corporate

Email for details

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Chloe & Deb Flute Society Workshop.jpeg

"Members of the NSW  Flute Society were treated to a thoroughly enjoyable, and educational workshop on dizi flute and Chinese music by Chloe Chung. 

The students were constantly engaged  with various activities .This culminated in them composing their own, short pieces.

Chloe performed Chinese music on her dizi flute. It was a beautiful,  musical experience.  

Recommended for flute players of all ages and stages."

Janet Webb

President NSW Flute Society

Former Principal Flute Sydney Symphony Orchestra (1985-2017)

4 Week Introductory course to Alexander Technique -  Zoom group class (Limited time only)

As part of the City of Sydney Cultural Sector Resilience grant, I am thrilled to announce a series of classes I am offering from November 2020 to January 2021 for City of Sydney artists and arts workers.

If you would like to participate in one the of four-week introductory courses please fill out the survey here.

This course is for anyone who is interested in:

- Learning about Alexander Technique, body-mapping, and other tools to enable you to fulfil your artistic goals

- Easing discomfort or pain in everyday or specific activities

- Cultivating tools for self-care for yourself and your community

Music students, teachers, professional musicians, arts students, dance/movement/theatre artists, arts workers welcome!

We’ll be looking at:

- body-mapping basics 

- integrative Alexander Technique  

- everyday movement coordination patterns

- sensory warm-ups for performance readiness

- learning optimal movement pathways and preventing excess tension for skilled performance

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