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Hi there! If you're here, this is my new virtual "tip jar" , where you can support my personal artistic projects that you might be enjoying  - including virtual performances by the Dreambox Collective, the artistic collective I founded in 2019; Sidere Duo; my blog; and other artistic content I produce across my social channels - all of which have been recently adversely affected by current circumstances.

Or perhaps you are a student who has benefitted from my weekly online Alexander Technique classes for Sydney Conservatorium of Music which I am continuing to teach for free, despite cancellations in funding. I am dedicated to offering these classes and ongoing support for existing and new students, as I believe we truly need to be supporting each other at this time. 

100% of your money will go towards keeping my content and weekly group classes free for students, as well as helping me take care of my real-life expenses like rent & ongoing internet connection!
 I'm grateful for whatever you can give, whether it's a one-off donation or weekly support for a free class you're attending and enjoying.


Without Chloe, I would not have gained the invaluable skills I now have to move forward in my study and professional career. She has taught me so much about the way my body responds to different stimuli and how I can ask myself to cooperate with my structure to achieve the results that I want.

Since learning with Chloe, I have adopted Alexander Technique not just as a method, but as a lifestyle. I have used it in a club when I was overheated, dizzy and exhausted from dancing in six inch heels; on the train in peak hour traffic where I was squashed between two people for over an hour, and on a steep, cold, slippery bushwalk in regional Victoria.
She is a role model and great friend to whom I owe much of my successful recovery from injury and performance anxiety. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone who is interested in learning the Alexander Technique and maximising their creative potential in every aspect of their life.

— Katarina Grobler, 2020 President of Sydney Conservatorium of Music Students Association

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